Data-driven and science based approach

It has been known for almost a century that traditional interviews are very inaccurate. In 1929, Hollingsworth asked 12 Sales Managers, who were experienced in interviewing, to interview 57 applicants for a sales job and rank them in order of suitability. In interviews were any good as a stand-alone service, there should be some concordance in the rankings: a candidate ranked in top ten by one interviewer, should be in the top ten for other interviewers. Unfortunately, Hollingsworth’s results showed that one candidate was ranked sixth by one interviewer and 56th by another. Subsequent analyses have suggested that the traditional interview is less than 3% better than chance.

Go beyond chance with’s data-driven and science-based approach

Over the past 90 years, the accuracy of selection and assessment methods have been extensively researched and in 2001 Robertson and Smith documented that psychometric tests are among the best methods of predicting how well a candidate will cope with learning and performing in the job. Nevertheless, on their own, tests do not result in accurate selection. They should be used along with other scientific methods, in a systematic approach. During the last 20 years, it has been established that psychometric tests (behavioral / personality and cognitive / problem solving ability) in accordance with structured interviews by far is the most valid predictor of performance and success. In we utilize renowned test suites in our Assessment activities to ensure the transition from working on “chance” to working based on facts.

In we profess the data-driven and science-based approach because we want to stay as unbiased as possible. However, we acknowledge that psychometric tests are powerful measures of human characteristics and that their result can alter the course of people’s lives. If interpreted or used the wrong way, the test results will impact on the success of organizations. Therefore, it is an integral part of our set of values to care. Care for the candidate and care for the quality of results. It is our goal that both clients and candidates get a value-adding experience with