Level up performance with 360° leadership assessments

Identify leaders’ strengths and development opportunities and create best-in-class leaders who can drive performance and transformational impact.

Are your leaders receiving the right feedback?


Self-awareness is crucial to developing great leadership. However, as managers ascend the hierarchy, they are less likely to receive accurate and comprehensive feedback about their performance and behavior.

We partner with you to customize 360-degree assessments aligned with the organization’s goals andstrategy.

Our uniquely data-centric 360-degree feedback for leadership development is favoured byorganizations looking to develop leadership that can drive transformation in an increasingly volatile and complex business world.


Unbiased data-driven performance reviews



The unmatched use of objective data in our leadership assessments mitigates the inherent bias of multi-rater reviews and ensures an accurate, in-depth assessment of the leader’s strengths and development opportunities.

The rating criteria are based on objective data and comparative benchmarks. They assess the leader’s cognitive, personal and practical abilities required to succeed in their role and the strengths they can leverage to drive transformational impact.

The rating scale provides a balanced score without the false positives often encountered in agree/disagree scales.


Our questionnaires measure scientifically proven to predict leadership performance and validate the feedback with cognitive and personality tests.


We partner with you to customize 360-degree surveys aligned with the organization’s goals and strategy.

Actionable feedback

Our ICF-certified coaches analyse survey data and extract key insights. They provide actionable recommendations to the leader, focusing on areas closely aligned with the role’s and organization’s goals.

360° feedback: The preferred assessment tool of Fortune 500 companies

In a 360-degree performance assessment, leaders receive feedback from peers, direct reports, subordinates and other stakeholders. The tool is used to identify their strengths and areas for growth, for evaluation and development purposes.

It is the leadership assessment tool preferred by 90 % of all Fortune 500 companies as it provides a comprehensive perspective on a leader’s effectiveness.



360° assessments: An impactful tool

Leaders who receive multi-rater assessments improve their behavior and performance more significantly compared to leaders who rely on single-source feedback.

Source: Bracken, D. W., & Rotolo, C. T. (2019)

Preferred by leading international corporations