Ensure Continued Leadership Excellence with a Data-Driven Assessment Center

Objective assessments for executive hires and succession planning programs are the fast track to ensuring optimal leadership performance throughout the organization.

The cost of unplanned succession


Three out of four organizations don’t have a formalized succession planning process in place. Instead, appointments for leadership development and C-suite positions are heavily influenced by subjective opinions and internal politics.

Organizations adopting this approach risk not meeting future leadership requirements, overlooking great leadership talent, and losing an average of $112 billion US dollars in market value in the event of a forced CEO succession.


Data-driven assessments ensure continuing excellence


By outsourcing your assessment center to Assess International, assessments for executive roles and leadership development are data-driven, objective, and founded on expert knowledge of psychometric data and interviewing techniques, ensuring leadership excellence at all management levels.


The 3 pillars of accurate executive assessments

Psychometric data

Psychological insight

Business perspective

Scientifically validated assessments

Through a rigorous testing regime, we identify potential and development opportunities in individuals shortlisted for leadership roles.

The extensive use of psychometric data sets our assessments apart, providing a scientifically validated method for accurately predicting performance and cultural fit in internal and external leadership candidates.

The objective data insights are combined with interviews, coaching and other validated methods to determine the learning agility of each candidate.

Assessments include: 

  • Cognitive testing
  • Personality testing
  • 360-degree surveys
  • Observations in workshops
  • Interviews
  • Coaching by ICF certified coaches

Benefits of an external, data-driven assessment center

Assessment expertise on demand

In many organizations, the assessment process is known as assessment days – a knowledge-intensive, time-consuming undertaking for the HR department that requires extensive training in various test formats and interviewing techniques.

With Assess International running your assessment center, that testing and interviewing expertise is available to you on demand, and with our exclusive data insights, each assessment takes only a few hours.


Fair and objective comparison of candidates

Appointing internal candidates for senior management and leadership development can be a politically sensitive issue for the organization’s HR professionals.

As an external assessment center, we have no stake in office politics. Our data-driven approach eliminates human bias in the selection process, providing an objective and fair comparison of the candidates for maximum transparency and trust in leadership appointments.


Successful selection for senior management and C-suite hires

High-performing leaders boost productivity, retention, and a sense of empowerment. Struggling leaders, on the other hand, cost companies the equivalent of up to 7 % of their annual sales as engagement and performance drops, and talent and customers flee.

The data-driven approach to executive assessments pioneered by Assess International enables you to make an informed hiring decision based on the candidates’ mental and cognitive ability – the only scientifically validated indicators of job performance.


Greater diversity in succession planning

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a top priority in most organizations, yet women still head up only 10 % of the Fortune 500 companies, and only 13 % of the C-suite positions most likely to lead to promotion to CEO are held by women or minorities.

Increasing C-suite diversity starts with a diverse leadership pipeline. However, 73 % of corporations entrust the nomination of potential leadership candidates to direct managers – with all the unconscious bias that entails.

Assessments driven by extensive psychometric data leave gender, race, age and other irrelevant factors out of the equation and put forward only the best fits for executive roles and succession planning programs.


Higher ROI on L&D investments

While 86 % of businesses see learning and development (L&D) as critical to the organization, of all learning and development (L&D) investments lead to tangible returns, and five out of six HR managers are dissatisfied with the results of their leadership development programs.

Our rigorous psychometric testing accurately identifies potential in your leadership candidates and enables you to target L&D investments with precision, ensuring a higher ROI.


Strategic talent brokering for improved internal mobility

By accurately identifying potential across the organization, you can successfully connect talent owners with business units struggling with talent gaps or urgent needs and make the best use of the organization’s human resources.


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