Data-driven executive assessment and selection

Make every executive appointment a sure win with objective, scientifically validated assessments.

Can you afford the cost of a bad executive hire?


Recruiting the right executive can propel company results to new heights. Selecting the wrong leadership candidate, however, can hamper progress in the entire organization, handing the competition an easy win.

3 executive selection statistics you should know

  • Only 30-50 % of executive selection decisions are successful when using mainstream assessment approaches
  • A staggering 50-70 % of executives fail within 18 months of taking on a role
  • The cost of an unsuccessful executive hire can be as high as 213 % of the leader’s annual salary.

How much are bad executive hires setting your organization back?

Make the right V-level or C-level hire with objective data

Empower yourself to make a successful leadership appointment with our objective second opinion on your internal or external executive candidates.

Our unique data-driven approach to executive assessments rests on three strong pillars:

psychometric tests


Business perspective

Typical results with Assess International’s executive assessment and selection services

  • Objective, data-driven comparisons of your executive candidates
  • An executive who will fit the company culture
  • A strong leader who will drive results quickly
  • A more diverse C-suite and management as you eliminate unconscious bias.

Preferred by leading international corporations

What we expect of you

  • You are hiring for a C-level, V-level or director position in a large international organization
  • You have 1-3 final candidates (internal or external)
  • Your organization is ambitious about leadership
  • You want to take your executive selection to the next level.

What you can expect from us

  • 100 % objective assessments of executive candidates
  • A clear, data-driven hiring recommendation every time
  • An accurate, scientifically validated approach exclusive to Assess International
  • Coaching-certified consultants with C-level experience
  • Validated psychometric tests tailored to your business
  • Targeted performance risk assessment and onboarding advice.

Science-driven executive assessment tests

The assessments are based on objective data from internationally validated psychometric tests. We discuss the test scores and provide a written report for each executive candidate.

According to various studies, mental and cognitive ability are key predictors of job performance.

We also test for other performance indicators such as emotional intelligence and personality traits that indicate cultural fit. The test data enable you to compare your final executive line-up objectively and make an informed hiring decision.

Interviews by certified coaches with C-level experience

Follow-up interviews with the executive candidates allow us to dig deeper into their test scores.

Our consultants are all certified coaches with C-level experience from international corporations and profound psychological insight, which enables them to uncover important aspects of the executive’s leadership style and personality traits and determine cultural fit.


Assessment and selection customized to your business strategy

Each assessment is targeted to test for what constitutes leadership success in your organization and in each executive role.

You get an executive who matches your organization’s culture, management values and needs, and who can perform quickly in their new position. Based on the executive assessment, we also provide performance risk assessments and onboarding advice.

Meet top management diversity objectives faster


Struggling to meet diversity objectives at the top rungs of the ladder?

Unconscious bias is still a major player in hiring decisions at the executive level, and gender and racial diversity is practically non-existent in the C-suite of most Fortune 500 companies, according to a Stanford University study.

By letting your executive selection be driven by objective test data about each candidate, you can accurately compare their merits without human bias clouding your judgement.


The pioneer of data-driven executive assessment and selection


At Assess International, we are on a mission to increase our international clients’ success through the accurate selection and effective development of leaders.

Founded by assessment expert Maria Graff-Matthews, Assess International pioneers a science-based approach to matching talent with specific organizational requirements.

All our consultants are certified coaches with extensive experience in C-level consulting from large corporations, and each assessment is tailored to the specific success criteria of your organization.

100 % objective second opinions on executive selection

We have made data-driven executive assessments our core business.

Unlike a recruitment agency we have no stake in the candidates and provide an express, objective hiring recommendation – even when that recommendation is to hire none of your final line-up.