The preferred assessment provider to leading International corporations

We provide data-driven assessments of top executive candidates so you can hire the fastest performing talent every time.

Eliminate human bias from your hiring decisions and see faster job performance

The key to successful executive hiring is to predict which candidate will be the best fit for the role. The better the fit, the faster they will perform in the job.

Predicting job performance is a matter of science, but too often, human bias corrupts the hiring decision.

Harnessing the science of job performance

Numerous studies have shown that cognitive ability is a key predictor of job performance. Other factors like personality traits, job experience, and emotional intelligence also play important roles.

At Assess International, we have harnessed this knowledge and developed a data-driven approach to candidate assessments and executive development based on three strong pillars: psychometric tests, psychological insight and business perspective. This approach empowers you to select the best executive talent for your organization without human bias clouding your judgement.

The 3 pillars of our data-driven approach

psychometric tests


Business perspective

Preferred by leading international corporations

At Assess International, we are on a mission to increase our international clients’ success through the accurate selection and effective development of leaders.

Founded by assessment expert Maria Graff-Matthews, Assess International pioneers a science-based approach to matching talent with specific organizational requirements.

Thanks to the results we create for our clients, Assess International has quickly risen to become the go-to assessment partner for the biggest international corporations in Denmark:

100 % objective second opinions on C-suite hires

We have made data-driven executive assessments our core business. Unlike a recruitment agency we have no stake in the candidates and provide a clear, 100 % objective hiring recommendation – even when that recommendation is to hire none of your final line-up.

Assessing top talent requires the best talents

Like our clients, we will settle for nothing but the best talent. This guarantees the professional and efficient assessment experience for which we are renowned.


Hand-picked assessment consultants and executive coaches

Our consultants and executive coaches are hand-picked and as vigorously assessed as any C-suite hire. All are ICF certified and trained in our assessment framework.

In addition to their extensive experience with C-level consulting from large corporations, they hone their testing, psychological and business skills through continuing professional development.


Scalability with agile network

The same is true for our exclusive network of associates, who enable us to scale our offer to assessment and development projects of any scope.