Executive Assessment & Selection

Whether the candidate is internal or external, whether an Executive Search firm is involved or not, and whether the candidate has been previously successful in other or similar roles, the research is clear – the probability of a successful Executive appointment is dubious.

According to research from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) it is estimated that 50% to 70% of executives fail within 18 months of taking on a role, regardless of whether they were an external hire or promoted from within. In a meta-analysis of recent studies this poor level of performance was found to be the norm.  Shockingly, only 30% to 50% of leader selection decisions are successful when mainstream approaches are used and unfortunately, wrong appointments come with a staggering cost – to people, to leaders, and to organizations’ results.

Choose the right people to get the right results

Reliable selection and development advice is available from our Executive Assessment consultants. We select, evaluate, and develop your most valuable assets – your leaders.

The Executive Assessment service predicts the immediate and sustainable success of leaders in your organization through using an unbiased, data-driven, and science-based methodology. The assessinternational.com methodology provides 86% accuracy in predictions anchored in an organization’s unique culture, vision, and strategy.

In assessinternational.com we combine our insight and experience of evaluating people with our insight and understanding of business.
The key factors that differentiate assessinternational.com Executive Assessment & Selection from other Executive Level Assessments are:
With our Executive Assessment & Selection service, you will: